Vibro Services is a small, specialized company that builds, rents and supplies ground improvement equipment.

In our workshop we have in house vibroflot specialized mechanics, a machine shop, a service division for vibroflot accessories and a fabrication/welding department. Our small team design, build and supply vibro ground improvement technology equipment.

Our office staff can assist with spare parts and equipment orders, as well as transport worldwide. We also offer technical assistance via Email, Teams or in some cases, direct assistance on site.



The Safety Week is an annual themed week on occupational safety. It is part of the measures designed to help build a common safety culture.


Safe handling of the vibroflot test stand:

This year, all employees were trained in how to use the vibroflot test stand. We learned about safety measures, how to handle the generator including when it may be switched on or off, no-go-zones during the vibroflot test etc. . These and other questions were explained in detail during the day.


Driver safety training at the Lausitzring:

As most colleagues travel to work by car, we performed a safety training at the Lausitzring Race Circuit. During the training questions were answerded by the instructors and then we went on the track in order to improve the control of the own vehicle and to ensure that the reactions are correct in dangerous situations. “What happens during a rapid load change”, “what are the consequences of emergency braking when cornering” and “how does my vehicle react in icy conditions” were some of the training tasks.


Mrose Work Safety demonstration:

Mrose, one of our suppliers of technical workshop equipment, organised a presentation this year on the subject of “Work Safety”. The possible dangers involved in handling pneumatic tools were explained and innovative solutions presented. Another topic was occupational safety when handling angle grinders.


Working safely with lifting slings and forklift safety cage:

This year’s Safety Week was supposed to take place once again at the Lausitzring for driver safety training. Unfortunately, the event had to be cancelled because during Covid events like this were not permitted.
As a result, an internal training course was organised during the Safety Week. The main topic was the safe handling of lifting equipment and the dangers of working at hight using the safety cage and forklift.