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Deep foundations specialist

Vibroflotation Group is the sub-group within Soletanche Bachy responsible for the implementation of ground improvement using deep vibration technique.

Our operating head office is located in Nanterre (France). The core of our business is the execution of vibratory ground improvement projects as well as the support of licenced partners that utilize our technology and equipment for the same purpose.

Our main plant management and logistics centre is located at Guteborn, Germany. As well as providing a support service to our group companies and licensees, we develop and manufacture our own equipment, including the V-line of vibroprobes, the Double Lock Gravel Pump
®, the Vibro-Stitcher ® and the V-Rex.

The works are carried out by the geographical entities of Soletanche Bachy under their name. The only exception is in the Emirates where the works are performed by the local branch of the company Vibrofoundations Ltd.


We specialize in Ground Improvement. Vibroflotation Group focuses on the following ground improvement procedures:

Vibro Compaction, a technique for deep compaction of granular soils.

Stone Columns, by wet top feed and dry bottom feed techniques, especially with our proprietary Dry Bottom Feed Method (double-lock system and Marine Gravel Pump).

Offshore Stone Columns, with a marine version of our Dry Bottom Feed equipment.

Vibro Concrete Columns, an alternative to conventional pile foundations.