Company Profile

Our History

In June 2001 Soletanche Bachy Group and the Degen family formed a new worldwide group of companies under the name of Vibroflotation Group.

Soletanche Bachy is the world's largest speciality foundation contractor, while the Degen family traces back to the inventor of the first vibroflotation ground improvement equipment in 1934.

In February 2006 Soletanche Bachy became the sole shareholder of Vibroflotation Group.

One of the first vibroprobes for Vibro Compaction(1937).

Wilhelm L. Degen inspecting one of the first stone column sites in Germany (1950's)

The first leader mounted vibroprobe tested by Franz Eichkorn in the mid sixties

International Congress Center (ICC) Berlin, completely founded on Vibro compacted soil (1974)

Wilhelm F. Degen and Franz Eichkorn testing the first V23 vibroflot (1978)

A compaction depth of over 30m was reached for the first time at Jebba Dam, Nigeria (1980)

The first gravel pump was tested in France (1986)

The V23 vibroflot won an extensive competition test and was selected as exclusive supplier to BUL, the restoration company for the Lausitz brown coal region (1993)

The first marine gravel pump was successfully used in Patras, Greece (2001)